Dear Abby: I earn money from my hobby, and my partner thinks she gets half

Dear Abby: I earn money from my hobby, and my partner thinks she gets half

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DEAR ABBY: my family and i retired five years ago. I have adequate cost savings plus an pension that is excellent us to reside comfortably.

I took up a spare time activity 3 years ago that generates about $5,000 in annual earnings, that I reserve in a bank account that is separate. My spouse asked, “what exactly are you saving that money for? ” We said maybe a car that is classic helping with a family group reunion ( to my side), etc. She responded, “We should be in the page that is same exactly how it gets spent because 1 / 2 of it really is mine. ”

When I reached away to my son for his insight, he sided with her because (legally) half of the things I have is hers. We have no issue consulting together with her on a significant expenditure appearing out of our other savings, but with this one I feel she is controlling and petty. Your thoughts?


DEAR HOBBY: I agree with you. Not only this, but she also lacks tact.

DEAR ABBY: My daughter just informed me that she’ll be hanging a deer head in their living room. Her live-in boyfriend likes to hunt, and she is carrying this out for him. Just thinking me physically ill about it makes. My ideas move to a dying animal whom is putting up with.

My spouce and I offered my daughter $12,000 to purchase this house. I would like her to rethink her choice based on the proven fact that this disturbs me, maybe not that I’m wanting to push her around her this money because we gave. I understand she’s going to personally take it and get upset at me. Help!


DEAR UNEASY: i do believe we both know your child is an adult and eligible to make that decision without worrying that her fella’s hobby bothers you. Read more